DT 466

The International DT 466 engine delivers performance, reliability, durability and low cost of ownership. Replacing weight with strength, the International DT 466 packs the power of comparably rated engines weighing hundreds of pounds more. International DT 466 will power trucks up to 260 hp (194 kW) peak and 800 lb-ft (1085 N*m) of torque.

DT 530

Innovations to the International DT 530 include a common bore design and large intake valves for improved airflow, short stroke for lower piston speed and optimized power cylinder, crankcase and crankshaft. International DT 530 powers trucks up to 310 hp (231kW) peak and 860 lb-ft (1166 N*m) of torque.

MWM International Motors

The MWM Mechanical I6 engines are the result of a continuous technological development. These reliable and high performance engines stand out for their lightness and low operational cost (individual headblocks- cylinder heads and removable cylinder liers). In addition, they were developed to meet the most stringest gas emission standards. this engine can power trucks up to 237 hp (177 kW) peak and 622 lb-ft (843 N-m) of torque.