Cummins ISX Spec Details

Cummins continues to lead the way for heavy-duty diesel engines in their class. A feature of the ISX engine is the Dual Overhead cam shaft with one set of cams driving the high pressure fuel injection system and the second cam shaft with its specially designed lobes is designed to optimize the operation of the intergral intebrake™ which can deliver up to 600 braking horsepower.

Longevity is achieved by using a six cylinder big bore design engine with fifteen litre capacity, bigger bearings, longer life and more uptime.

Fuel saving and economy is a high priority. Cummins has developed several features which improve fuel consumption. Load based speed control, gear down protection and idle management to mention a few. The ISX's patented Variable Geometry Turbocharger constantly adjusts the air flow based on engine load, fuel quality, ambient pressure and other conditions which provides reduced turbo lag and increased vehicle performance.

The ECM (Electronic Control Module) used on the ISX enables the use of all the latest diagnostic, trip information monitoring and engine protection features as an integral part of the engine with no need for the fitment of aftermarket systems