Cummins ISM Spec Details

Cummins ISM has one of the highest-power-to-weight ratios of any engine of comparable displacement. Combined with the advanced fuel injection system and the patented Variable Geometry Turbo, this results in superior performance over every terrain, in every weather condition.

The ISM's patented Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VG Turbo) by Holset constantly adjusts airflow based on engine load, fuel quality, ambient pressure, temperature and other conditions. The result is reduced turbo lag, improved transient response and increased vehicle performance. Plus, because our VG turbo has only one moving part in the hot exhaust stream, it is vastly more reliable and durable than competitive turbos, which have dozens. And it is significantly less complex and lighter than series turbo charging, which requires additional jacket-water after-cooling.

The ISM offers several engine features to help you improve k/litre further. Including Load-Based Speed Control, gear-down protection, idle management and SmaertTorque ratings that deliver up to 100 lb-ft of extra torque in the top two gears.